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Structured Loan Consolidations

The main points for Structured Loan Consolidations:


1) You must have at least 2 current advances or loans (with daily or weekly payments) to take advantage of this program. Your payments must be current.


2) There will be weekly deposits made to your bank account to cover payments made by you to your lenders. This will continue until you pay your balances in full.


3) Additional funding available:

* Can be included in your weekly deposit

* Will be available as your current balances decrease with lenders

* Have to be funded through the Structured Loan Consolidation program only


4) A daily payment will be determined by initial affordability and will be revised after each lender is paid in full.


Balance 1 = 35K
Balance 2 = 25K
Balance 3 = 15K
(Additional funds may be added if qualified)
Structured Consolidation Amount = 75K.

75K will be deposited into your bank account throughout your remaining loan terms to cover payments made to your lenders.  If desired and qualified, additional capital may be included.

If you are interested in seeing your approval options for this funding option, please contact us.

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